Aspen Sarl Sdn. Bhd. is a privately owned company that was established in 1996. As an advocate of quality healthcare products.
Since the very beginning of our existence, we have been guided by the following core values:

These four core values have been the guiding light to our dedication towards excellence. Every product that bears our name meets the highest standards of quality. Hence, you can be sure that the name of Aspen signifies uncompromising quality.

The year 2009 marks a turning point for Aspen, as we started to make strategic investments into the field of medical nutrition. Since then, we have managed to go from strength to strength:


Dec 2014

launched our first medical nutrition, Ceprolac. This is a proprietary modular protein borne out of extensive research and exhaustive clinical studies, with the aim to bring about improvement to the quality of life of consumers.

Oct 2014

Secured the first order from a MoH hospital, follow by many more, this reflects the confidence of the prescribers on Ceprolac

Oct 2015
Ceprolac gained entry into the first renal dialysis centre
Jan 2016

Ceprolac manage to be listed into one of the biggest chain private hospitals (or biggest private hospital chain), this marked another milestone for the product

Feb 2016

Penetrated into the national sports institute for the paralympiad

August 2016

Gained entry into a cancer hospital

ProbioGard, a specialised immune probiotics, hits the shelves. This was made possible through our collaboration with Lallemand, a reputable probiotics research company.

More exciting new products are on our NPD drawing board, with a focus on paediatric, cardio, and ophthalmology health. Therefore, Aspen is poised to have a stronger presence in the field of medical nutrition.

This, coupled with our determination and desire for success, will continue to propel Aspen forward. And this is just the beginning of the journey towards our goal.

Committed to Life


To be a distinctive and exciting provider of outright wellness, valued by business partners and employees, respected by the industry.


To create innovative formulations that uphold brand integrity in the healthcare industry, through teamwork, professionalism, and digitalisation of the knowledge economy.

The Nature of Aspen

Driven by the science of nutrition, Aspen adheres to global high standards in the creation of all our products. However, our commitment to being a caring wellness provider does not end when our products fill the bottles.

In the same spirit of commitment towards excellence and customer satisfaction, as well as ensuring our products meet the requirements of discerning consumers, we seek to work alongside those who know best in therapeutic nutrition and invest appropriately. This way, we are able to respond positively to the evolving needs of the industry.

Core Value
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