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At Aspen, we fully recognise that the competency, motivation, and performance of employees are the keys to the development and long-term success of the business.

We value and strive to create a conducive working environment. We believe that this stimulates the creative abilities of both individual employees and working teams, thus giving them the initiative to live up to their maximum potential.

If you seek not just a job but a career, and have the necessary qualifications and experience to contribute to the Aspen cause, please do drop us your résumé.


  1. Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Manager

    Regulatory and scientific affairs manager ensures that the company products meet legislative requirements and quality control.
    • Ensuring company products comply with the regulations set by both the local and international requirements, including NPRA and BKKM.
    • Studying scientific and legal documents.
    • Keeping abreast of international legislation, guidelines and customer practices in all countries that the company is exporting to.
    • Undertaking and managing regulatory and quality inspections and liaising with regulatory authorities and local manufacturers.
    • Maintaining familiarity with company product ranges.
    • Writing clear, accessible product labels and consumer information leaflets, specifying storage, labelling, and packaging requirements.
    • Planning, undertaking, and overseeing product regulatory and quality inspections.
    • Keeping up to date with changes in regulatory legislation and guidelines.
    • Obtaining marketing permissions.
    • Outlining requirements for labelling, storage, and packaging.
    • Liaising and negotiating with regulatory authorities.
    • Providing advice about regulations to manufacturers/scientists.
    • Writing comprehensible, user-friendly, clear product information leaflets and labels.
    • Be involved in development of new products and formulations.
    • Ensuring that quality standards are met and submissions meet strict deadlines.
  2. Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Executive

    The Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Executive is in charge of assisting the Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Manager to ensure the company products meet legislative requirements and quality control.
    • Coordinate on annual internal audit activities (pre-audit preparation, on the day go & execution of audit findings) with the RA Manager.
    • To manage overall establishment and products license records and renewals.
    • Registration of health supplements products on NPRA.
    • Compiling of product documents and technical dossier prior to application and its related.
    • Liaise with logistic companies for applications of import/export permits.
    • Attend to product inquiries from authority and respond accordingly.
    • To document, and maintain an organized records of all permits, licenses, certificates, as well as other important dossiers.
  1. A Client Services Manager, or Client Relations Manager ensures that clients receive the highest standard of service possible from their company. Their duties include communicating with clients regularly, gathering client feedback and encouraging further sales from the client.
    • Assist sales team by cold calling and bringing in new leads.
    • Manage incoming client requests.
    • Leverage global experience, supply chain expertise, and client/reseller relationship to solidify results and benchmark success.
    • Support sales team on upselling.
    • Onboarding new clients and develop working relationships
    • Generating sales or service reports for clients and senior management
    • Keeping documentation and records of client interactions.
    • Developing surveys and obtaining client information
    • Offering advice to clients on products or services
  1. Sales Executive is responsible to report all sales activities to Sales & Marketing Manager and to manage the territory assigned, ensuring success of the overall business from the given territory.
    • To identify and create new customers, expanding existing customers overall sales through product line extension and new product entry, maximise product placement.
    • Develop ways to improve customer experience and build brand loyalty.
    • Establish and maintain effective communication with immediate supervisor and management.
    • Achieve monthly, quarterly and yearly target
    • Prepare daily call plan and monthly itinerary with three months roll over, as well as monthly report on time.
    • Maintaining Customer record card
    • Submit orders by referring to price lists and product literature
    • Visit clients to demonstrate use of products, show samples and take orders quote and negotiate prices and credit terms

Corporate Culture

At Aspen, value creation is the most basic of expectations. And to achieve that, it is imperative that Aspenites have the right to expect at the very least the following from their colleagues:

This is the corporate culture which we strive to create and live up to at Aspen.

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