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5 Tips for Smooth-Sailing Holiday

Looking to go on a holiday? Planning a holiday with a good company or by yourself can be quite the job, especially when traveling to places that offers a variety of divertissements with good food, a haven for shoppers, and a good balance of greenery and cityscapes all at once. Where to go today? What to eat first? Or perhaps, how are you going to reach to your dream destination? Fret not, here are some tips and tricks that will ease you on your holiday planning.


The first step is to determine how you are traveling. Are you taking a plane, a bus, or are you driving yourself? If you’re planning to hop on a flight, the best thing to do is to book your flight tickets early to get better deals on the fare. I mean, who doesn’t want a round trip to Taiwan for half the price? Upon booking the flight tickets, cross check all personal information to avoid mistakes and set the date. Now let’s say if you’re traveling by car, then make sure the car is in great condition. Check if all the functions of the car are up to the safety measures such as the air pressure of the tires, the brakes, the lights, and maybe the radio so you can bump your favorite songs along the way. Voila! Your first step to a wonderful vacation is done.


The second tip is to know the rules. As different countries have different measures as to what is allowed and what isn’t allowed into their country. Fun fact, do you know that Singapore do not allow chewing gum into their country? Apart from that, some medications require prescription by a doctor in order to be allowed on flight. So, the best measure to take before flying is to crosscheck all the items and medications, you’re planning on bringing and make sure they are allowed to be checked into flights and foreign country. You don’t want to get stuck in airport security and miss your dream vacation.


The third tip is to be prepared for the worst. Some would say to pack lightly when traveling but sometimes, packing smartly is the way to go. Unforeseen circumstances such as the sudden change of plans, weathers, or unfortunate accidents might just ruin your vacation if not dealt with properly. Therefore, always do an extensive research on what to expect so that you can deal with unwanted problems as they come. Pack extra clothes for harsh weather, extra medication for air sickness, and of course, some of Aspen’s Pylogard to deal with diarrhea resulted from the extra spicy sauce you ate for lunch just now.


Make sure the accommodation you’re staying at suits your travel style. Before booking, find out if the accommodation is best for solo travelers or family traveler. If you’re bringing your beloved fur friend, check – is it pet friendly? Is the location good? And is it the best deals you can get? Avoid the mix up of having a room with two beds when there are 5 of you traveling, as nobody should be sleeping on the cold hard floor on what is supposed to be a fun and joyful vacation. Another pro tip of booking accommodation is to always ensure the location is great for travelers such as that it’s close to the city and that it is convenient and within minimal distance to restaurants and stores.


Travelling makes you exhausted and you might be staying up later, eating unhealthier foods, and interacting with a more diverse population of people that you are used to, as well as getting exposed to more extreme weather. All these factors may weaken your immune system and set the stage getting sick. In order to prevent getting sick when traveling, it is advisable to consume supplements such as Vitamin Cs and Probiotic that will provide you with stronger and healthier immune system. Check out the recommended supplements below, and remember to always stay safe!

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