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Working Out Your New Year Resolution

New year, new me. That’s what we all say every year but is it really? Maybe we can all agree that having the thoughts to change is good enough at the very least. You might think to yourself, I want to change to be healthier, to be happier and to be a better version of myself but…. how? Well there are countless ways to stimulate improvements within oneself and one of it is through working out regularly. Working out regularly by going to the gym, jogging, or doing yoga in your free time actually brings a lot of benefits to not just your physical health, but also your mental health.

Working out regularly can reduce level of the body’s stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, that induces anxiety-like feelings to a person and on the other hand, stimulates and releases good hormones such as endorphins which is a chemical in the human brain that act as a natural painkiller and mood elevator. So, in other words working out regularly actually makes you happier overtime. Apart from all the scientific terminologies, working out regularly also promotes physical fitness such as bigger and healthier muscle build ups and also, keeps you energetic and productive throughout the week.

But of course, easier said than done. The will power and determination to maintain a healthy workout routine is harder than it sounds, especially for working adults. Not only that, the sudden transition of fitting an exercise routine into one’s schedule might backfire as well. A good nutritional support however can help to ensure that you’re meeting your daily nutrient needs for optimal performance.

Here are three items that may help you to kickstart into your new healthy routine.

  1. JusteLyte by Aspen Nutrition
    Staying hydrated during a workout session is incredibly important, especially in Malaysia where the sun is scorching upon us 24/7. Therefore, Aspen Nutrition’s JusteLyte is the best option for this. When you sweat excessively, you’ll not only lose fluid but also essential minerals from your body such as sodium, thus why it is important to take your fluids with electrolytes to maintain a good balance between retaining and losing fluid during workouts. JusteLyte promotes hydration before, during and after workout to ensure your body receives all the hydration it needs and prevent potential muscle cramps resulted from mineral and electrolytes imbalance in the body.

  2. JusteGell by Aspen Nutrition
    Need a quick source of energy but without the hassle of bringing bulky food everywhere? Say less! JusteGell by Aspen Nutrition is an incredibly good, effective and convenient source of energy that comes in small packs of sizable packaging. JusteGell is a combination of multiple carbs sources including PalatinoseTM that promotes long-lasting energy, perfect for sports that require extreme endurance such as marathon. The best part about JusteGell is that it is energy-dense, yet comes in tiny sachets that you can just grab and slip it into your bag on the go. It is perfect for traveling where you can just rip and sip at any time, and anywhere.

  3. Ceprolac by Aspen Nutrition

    The last recommendation of product that will help you in your new year resolution of leading a healthier and happier life is protein. You might wonder, why protein? Don’t we all get protein from common food such as chicken? Yes, we do but sometimes it’s not enough. Protein is one of the most important nutrients needed by our body to grow new cells, as it plays a crucial role in promoting muscle mass for those looking to bulk up. Out of all the variants of protein available, whey protein is usually recommended due to its complete profile of amino acids and contains branched-chain of amino acids (BCAA) capable of promoting muscle recovery.

    With the rise of so many protein supplements in the market, it is difficult to pick which one might suit you. Aspen Nutrition Ceprolac can be an excellent choice as it contains high protein purity and yield a higher amount of BCAA. Ceprolac is a versatile modular protein that can be added to food, drinks, and even other formulas. The general recommendation for the healthy population is to consume 0.8-1.0g/kg of protein of your body weight, but always consult your dietitian or nutritionist to know your recommended protein requirement, as every person is different and individualized nutrition is always the best.

A gentle reminder that everyone’s nutritional status and requirements are different, and all these products are not meant to be meal replacements, but to support your needs.

Curious to know more about supplements to support your needs? Check out Aspen products here.

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